Monday, September 16, 2013

Future Bear Issue 2 and Fast Fashion

I’m currently on a sabbatical from teaching, so I’ve been focused on making the second issue of the Future Bear story come to life. This issue is more complicated than the last (as we really dig our teeth into the conundrum of time travel) and more characters are introduced both from the present and the future. 

One of the fun things about this issue comes from drawing scenes and characters from an imagined place and time, where all kinds of technologies have been invented and integrated into our daily lives. As Future Bear’s writer, Julian has been paying attention to futurists like Michio Kaku (who we both saw speak at Rollins this week) and his predictions about intelligent wallpaper (which will replace hand-held screens and TVs) computer contact lenses and teleportation. All of these things are either written into Future Bear, or seem to be lurking on the periphery.  

Oddly enough, it’s the future of fashion that is really challenging me. I have been working on a crowd-scene set in the future and I just don’t know how wacky to make the outfits. My awareness of the current trend of fast fashion has only complicated it further, i.e. what is trending one week will be replaced the next by another “micro-trend” next week. This week in 50 years, fashion may one again be infatuated with 1983 for all we know. That might actually be good for me because as a child of the 80‘s, I am still in love with with Cyndi Lauper’s look from “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”  Who isn't? 

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